Huaide College (HDC)

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  Huaide College (HDC) is an independent college jointly organized by Changzhou University and the People's Government of Jingjiang. Located in Jingjiang city, HDC has a total land area of around 49.8 hectares and buildings with a total floor space of around 250,000 square meters. HDC has 8 departments and 39 bachelor’s degree programs, covering 7 fields including Engineering, Literature, Economics, Management, Art and Design, Law and Education. The College enrolls students from 22 provinces and autonomous regions in China and boasts a student body of 7513.

  HDC sticks to the student-centered and teaching-centered approach and strives for cultivating high-level application-oriented and innovation-oriented undergraduates to meet the needs of regional economic and social development. More than 20,000 undergraduates have graduated since its founding.

  • Contact

Address: No.136  xingang Rd,jingjiang Dist. Taizhou, jiangsu Province, PRC

TEL:86- 523 85120011

FAX:86-523 85120018

  • Undergraduates:  7513

  • Course List

S/NCourse nameSubject codeDurationSubject area

1International Business0204014 yearsEconomics

2Social Work0303024 yearsLaw

3Leisure Sports040207T4 yearsEducation Science

4English Language0502014 yearsLiterature

5Japanese Language0502074 yearsLiterature

6Mechanical Design Manufacture and Automation0802024 yearsEngineering

7Materials forming and control Engineering0802034 yearsEngineering

8Industrial Design0802054 yearsEngineering

9Processing Equipment and Control Engineering0802064 yearsEngineering

10Metallic Material Engineering0804054 yearsEngineering

11Polymeric Materials Science and Engineering0804074 yearsEngineering

12Electrical Engineering and Automation0806014 yearsEngineering

13Electronic and Information Engineering0807014 yearsEngineering

14Electronics Science and Technology0807024 yearsEngineering

15Telecommunication Engineering0807034 yearsEngineering

16Automation0808014 yearsEngineering

17Computer Science and Technology0809014 yearsEngineering

18Civil Engineering0810014 yearsEngineering

19Building Environment and Energy Engineering0810024 yearsEngineering

20Water Science and Engineering0810034 yearsEngineering

21Chemical Engineering and Technology0813014 yearsEngineering

22Pharmaceutical Engineering0813024 yearsEngineering

23Petroleum storage and Transportation Engineering0815044 yearsEngineering

24Light Chemical Engineering0817014 yearsEngineering

25Environmental Engineering 0825024 yearsEngineering

26Bioengineering0830014 yearsEngineering

27Engineering Management1201034 yearsEngineering

28Welding Process and Technology080411T4 yearsEngineering

29Information Management and Information System1201024 yearsManagement

30Marketing Management1202024 yearsManagement

31Accounting120203K4 yearsManagement

32Financial Management1202044 yearsManagement

33Human Resource Management1202064 yearsManagement

34Logistics Management1206014 yearsManagement

35Electronic Business1208014 yearsManagement

36Visual Communication Design1305024 yearsArt

37Environmental Design 1305034 yearsArt

38Product Design1305044 yearsArt

39Fashion Design1305054 yearsArt