School of Pharmaceutical Engineering & Life Sciences/School of Nursing

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  The School was founded in 2010 by merging Department of Pharmaceutical Engineering and Department of Biological Engineering. The BEng in Pharmaceutical Engineering is the first bachelor’s program in the University with the certification of Chinese Engineering Education Society in 2014. The Nursing program is jointly constructed by the School and the Second People's Hospital of Changzhou City, which has filled the gap in training senior nursing personnel in Changzhou. Since 2013, our students have won two gold medals at the China College Student' Entrepreneurship Competition, one grand prize and one first prize of the Challenge Cup.


  Undergraduates: 803

  Postgraduates: 122

Faculty Members: 45

  Professors: 12; Associate professors: 13; Lectures: 17; Teaching assistants: 3

Undergraduate Programs: 4

  Pharmaceutical Engineering; Pharmacy; Biological Engineering; Nursing

Postgraduate Programs: 2+1

  Biochemical Engineering

  Pharmaceutical Engineering

  Pharmaceutical Engineering (professional master)

Research Areas

  The Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Health Sciences, Team Leader: Dr. Linhong Deng

  Institute of Flow Chemistry & Process Engineering, Team Leader: Prof. Yue Zhang

  Biocatalysis, Team Leader: Prof. Liqun Wang

  The Research Unit of Clinical and Translational Medicine, Team Leader: Prof. Xiaoying Zhou

  Innovation and the Transformation of New Drug, Team Leader: Prof. Defeng Xu

  Pharmaceutical Engineering and Technology, Team Leader:  Prof. Guoqiang Song

  Applied Microbiology and Biological Technology, Team Leader: Prof. Xiyue Zhao & Zhiqiang Cai

  Bio-medical, Team Leader: Prof. Linsong Yang

Labs and Facilities

  Biomedical Engineering Practice Education Center 

  Medicine Manufacturing and Quality Control Engineering Key Laboratory of Changzhou City


  Address: 607# Unit A, Building of Tianrun, Changzhou Science & Education Town

  Postcode:  213164, China


  Tel(Fax): 0519-86334598

  Hotline of undergraduate admissions: 0519-86330067

  Hotline of postgraduate admissions: 0519-86330160