School of Environmental & Safety Engineering

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  Established in April 2001, SESE aims at developing distinctive higher education and research. Taking advantages of local economic development and the university’s backgrounds in petrochemical industry, SESE features on the construction of specialty, progressively builds up distinguishing and competitive research domains and facets, and enjoys a worldwide reputation for its achievements in the areas of education, research and service. In 2014, SESE was awarded the first state-level prize of “Outstanding Achievements in Education”; the undergraduate program of Safety Engineering was accredited by the Association of Engineering Education, Ministry of Education. Professor Hui Shao was awarded the National Outstanding Teacher in 2014 and further elected as one of the “the Ten Thousands Talents Plan” in 2015.

Facts and figures

● Students

  Undergraduates: 1130

  postgraduates: 175

● Faculty

  Professor: 18; associate professor: 27; lecturer: 29; teaching assistant: 2

● Undergraduate programs

  Safety Engineering
  Environmental Engineering
  Civil Engineering
  Water Supply and Drainage Engineering
  Engineering Management

● Postgraduate programs

  Environmental Science

  Environmental Engineering

  Safety Science and Engineering

● Research areas

  Theory and technology of water supply  给水处理理论及应用
  Theory and technology of water pollution control  水污染控制理论及应用
  Water supply and drainage pipeline works  给水排水管道工程
  Theory and technology of building water supply and drainage  建筑给水排水理论及应用
  Water quality security  水质安全保障
  Water & wastewater pollution control  水污染控制
  Air pollution control  大气污染控制
  Groundwater & soil remediation
  Ecological restoration  生态修复
   Solid waste pollution control
  Environmental microbiology   环境微生物技术
  Durability of concrete structure  混凝土结构耐久性
  Building energy saving technology  建筑节能技术
  New types of building material  新型建筑材料
  Environmental geotechnology  环境岩土
  Modern construction technology  现代施工技术
  Architectural disaster prevention and control  建筑灾害预防与控制
  Construction project management  建设项目管理
  Safety chemical production technology  化工安全生产技术
  Safety oil & gas storage and transportation technology  油气储运安全技术
  Firefighting and public security  消防与公共安全
  Occupational healthcare engineering  职业卫生健康工程

● Laboratories

  Water Treatment Labs 水处理实验室
  Pump & Hydraulic Lab 泵与流体力学实验室
  Geotechnical Engineering Labs 岩土工程实验室
  Constructional Material Labs 建材实验室
  Structural Engineering Lab 结构工程实验室
  Curing Lab 养护室
  Equipment Safety Testing Lab 设备安全检测实验室
  Safety Testing Lab 安全检测实验室
  Electrical Safety Lab 电气安全实验室
  Safety Ergonomics Lab 安全人机工程实验室
  Emergency Rescue & First-aid Lab 应急与急救实验室
  Industrial Ventilation & Dust Prevention Lab 工业通风与防尘实验室
  Thermal Safety Lab 热安全实验室
  Chemical Engineering Safety Labs 化工安全实验室
  Solid Waste Lab 固体废弃实验室
  Air Pollution & Noise Control Lab 大气污染与噪声控制实验室
  Spectrometer Room 光谱室
  Water Quality Analysis Lab 水质分析实验室
  Chromatography Room 色谱室
  Balance Room 天平室
  Spectrophotometer Room 分光光度室
  Microbiology Lab 微生物实验室
  Environmental Monitoring & Analysis Labs 环境监测与分析实验室
  Environmental Biology Lab 环境生物实验室

● Contact