School of Information Science & Engineering / School of Mathematics and Physics

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  The School of Information Science and Engineering (SISE) was established in 1992, and the School of Mathematics and Physics (SMP) was founded in 1978. In April 2014, SISE and SMP merged in order to improve education efficiency and quality and optimize two schools’ teaching and research resources.

  ISE & SMP consists of 7 departments and an information technology experiment center covering 8 undergraduate programs, of which Computer Science and Technology is a provincial featured major, and Computer Science & Technology and Software Engineering, a key cultivating subject.

The school now has 157 faculty and staff members, including 25 professors, 45 associate professors, 4 doctoral supervisors and 45 master’s instructors. Among 131 professional teachers, 45.8% have Doctor’s degree and 95.4% have Master’s degree and above. Nearly 30 teachers have overseas academic background. More than 1600 undergraduates and 150 postgraduates are studying in the school now.

  The school has a provincial teaching practice center and two provincial experiment teaching demonstration centers, well equipped with over 30 million RMB worth of advanced facilities, laying a good foundation for the education of talents and the industry-university-research cooperation. In recent five years, 33 national research projects as well as other hundreds of provincial research projects and more than 250 horizontal programs have been undertaken, with total research fund over 50 million RMB; 140 SCI papers, 340 EI papers and 2 monographs published; nearly 400 invention patents filed or licensed. 

  Attaching great importance to the cultivation of students’ innovative ability, the school has made outstanding achievements by obtaining numerous prizes in all kinds of competitions. Bearing the motto of responsibility and striving for excellence, the school spares no effort to produce high-quality graduates and provide intellectual support to serve the local economy and social development better, with annual employment rate of graduates at 98% and above.


  1679 Undergraduates

  153 Postgraduates 


  25 professors; 45 Associate Professors; 61 Lectures


  Information and Computing Science

  Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

  Electronic Science and Technology

  Computer Science and Technology


  Electronic Information Engineering

  Software Engineering

  Internet of Things


  Computer Science and Technology

  Electronic Science and Technology


  Computer vision and intelligent sensing

  Petrochemical software technology and application

  Embedded system theory and new technology

  Cognitive computing and bioinformatics

  Electronic Circuit & System

  Low Dimensional Materials Electronics

  Optoelectronics & Optical Information Processing


  Microelectronics & Solid-State Electronics 

  Mathematics and its Applications

  Physics and its Applications

  Internet of Things technology and Applications

  Techniques of automation and applications


  Jiangsu High Reliability Multimedia Service Terminal Engineering Technology Research Center

  Jiangsu Industrial Automation Thermal Instrument Engineering Technology Research Center

  Changzhou Key Laboratory of Process Perception and Interconnection Technology

  Changzhou Key Laboratory of Biomedical Information Technology

  Jiangsu Collaborative Innovation Center of Photovoltaic Science and Engineering

  Jiangsu Electronic Information Technology Experiment Center

  Changzhou Key Laboratory of Respiratory Medicine Engineering

  The solar thin film deposition system

  Laser scanning confocal microscopes

  The nuclear magnetic EEG acquisition system

  Dawn parallel computers

  Biological signal acquisition and analysis system


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