Hua Lookeng Honors College

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  In order to cultivate a group of innovative talents with a solid foundation of subjects and great potential of development, the college was founded as an elite school in July 2012 and named after a world-famous mathematician, Mr. Hua Lookeng, who was born and brought up in Changzhou. The establishment of the College won generous support from provincial and municipal department of education, and social celebrities, especially the family of Mr. Hua. 

  Since 2012, about 50 students are selected each year from freshmen of engineering programs through written examination and interviews. The students are grouped into two classes, majoring respectively in chemical, pharmaceutical, materials program, and mechanical and electronic program. In the first two years, students will receive liberal arts education and will specialize in a chose major in the latter two years. The education proves to be successful with 60% of the graduates going on with postgraduate programs and a large number of prizes and medals in national contests.