School of Business

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  Business school now has more than 3000 students, 10 undergraduate programs, Provincial Key Disciplines, Provincial Key Specialty Groups and Provincial Experimental Centers. The School adheres to the values of Responsibility, Innovation , Business Ethics , pays attention to Internationalization , Industrialization and Regional Strategy.

  • Students

  Undergraduates: 2472

  Postgraduates: 77

  • Faculty Members

  Professors: 23

  Associate Professors: 25

  Lectures: 48

  Teaching Assistants: 2

  • Undergraduate Programs


  Finance Management

  International Economics and Trade

  Science of Banking


  Information management and information system

  Logistic Management

  Human Resource Management

  Business Administration

  Finance Engineering

  • Master’s Degree Programs

  Tier-one Discipline   Business Administration

  Tier-two Discipline   Accounting

             Enterprise Management

                      Technical Economy and Management

  • Research Areas

  Finance and Accounting

  Method and Application of Business Administration

  Enterprise management and information technology

  Human Resource Management

  Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  Foreign Trade and Multinational Management

  Finance Investment Planning and Management

  • Labs

  Entrepreneurship and Business Management Comprehensive Training Center (Provincial Demonstration Center)

  Comprehensive Laboratory

  Simulation Room

  Logistics Laboratory

  Accounting Laboratory

  Enterprise Simulation Laboratory

  Enterprise Management Simulation Laboratory

  Banking and Finance Management Laboratory

  Innovation and Entrepreneurship Laboratory