Shi Liang Law School

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Shi Liang Law School is named after the distinguished Chinese politician, jurist, and social activist — Ms. Shi Liang, whose splendid career originated in the city of Changzhou.The faculty members of Shi Liang Law School are quite outstanding in terms of their academic achievements. Most of them have obtained Ph.D in prestigious universities domestic and overseas. Among these capable and innovative fulltime teachers, more than half own the lawyer’s license.Shi Liang law School confers postgraduate degree in 1 Tier One discipline and 5 Tier 2 key disciplines of law, including the areas of jurisprudence, constitutional law and administrative law, economic law, environment and resources protection law, and financial and tax Law.

Fact and Figures

Undergraduates   550

Fulltime Faculty Members  41

  Professors    15

  PhD         24

Undergraduate Programs

  Science of Law ( Economic Law、Lawyer Business )

  Social Work

Postgraduate Programs


  Constitutional Law and Administrative Law

  Economic Law

  Environment and Resources Protection Law

  Financial and Tax Law


  Moot Court

  Legal Clinic

  Social Work Laboratory

  Youth Education Center


  Tel: 0086 519 86330108

  Add: Shi Liang Law School of Changzhou University