Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures

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As an energetic, creative and diverse, dedicated faculty, Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures (hereinafter as Zhou Youguang School) spans a broad array of languages, literature and cultures in Chinese, English, Japanese and Spanish. In recent 5 years, the faulty has been granted 15 programs sponsored by National Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science, Ministry of Education, State Language Affairs Commission and Jiangsu Provincial Planning Office of Philosophy and Social Science. 

  Zhou Youguang School is committed to promoting students’ language ability, literature appreciation, cross-cultural critical thinking, which help students to be enrolled by renowned universities both at home and abroad, and to prepare for their career success in foreign trade, translation, editing, publication, journalism, international tourism, teaching, and public service.

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  Tel: (86) 519-86330306

  Mailing address: Zhou Youguang School of Languages and Cultures, 1 Gehe Road, Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, PRC

  Website: http://sfl.cczu.edu.cn/sfl_english/main.htm