Celebrating Tenth Anniversary of Cooperation between Changzhou University and Maynooth University

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On  March 22, “Irish Day” was held in Changzhou University (CCZU) to celebrate the  tenth anniversary of cooperation between CCZU and Maynooth University in Ireland  with the generous support of Consulate General of Ireland in Shanghai. The two  universities looked back at the cooperative education programs in the past 10  years and held a series of cultural activities to promote the cultures of both  countries. The Chinese audience was enchanted with the “Voices of Ireland” by  Maynooth University Chamber Choir. Philip Nolan, president of Maynooth  University, Ms Therese Healy, the Irish Consul General in Shanghai, Mr. Sima  Shuanglong, deputy director of foreign affair office of Changzhou, and  representatives of neighboring universities attended the celebration.  

Prof.  Shi Guodong, Party Secretary of CCZU, expressed a warm welcome to President of  Maynooth University and his delegation, and noted that China and Ireland are  good friends and partners, and there have been lost of cultural exchange between  the two countries as well as faculty exchange and student exchange between the  two universities. Young people would write a new chapter of friendly  communication between the two universities.

Prof.  Pu Yuzhong, President of CCZU, remarked that a lot of talented engineering  undergraduates with international vision have been trained through the  cooperative education programs of Electronic Engineering and Pharmaceutical  Engineering, whose teaching quality are also wildly accepted by the society.  Prof. Pu concluded that, all the 151 students who have graduated from Maynooth  are eligible to postgraduate programs, and 47 of them went to the graduate  programs in top 50 universities of the world such as Edinburgh University, Duke  University and so on. Moreover, large numbers of graduates work in world famous  enterprises like Microsoft, IBM and Bosch etc. Prof. Pu announced that, based on  the solid foundations of cooperation, the two universities will apply for a new  double degree program in Finance.

Prof.  Philip Nolan, President of Maynooth University, noted that on the occasion of  the tenth anniversary, it was a great pleasure to promote friendly cooperation  between the two universities and look into expanding cooperation in teaching and  research. He also spoke highly of the new cooperative program, which would be a  new platform for bilateral cooperation.

Ms.  Therese Healy, the Irish Consul General in Shanghai, highly appreciated the long  term cooperation of the two universities and she believed that this celebration  would certainly increase understanding for people from two countries.  

Moreover,  promotion activities of Irish education and culture were also carried out among  students by Irish Education Office. The 90-mintue performance offered by  Maynooth University Chamber Choir in the Hall of Science and Education  fascinated all the Chinese audience with their heavenly voice. More than 300  people enjoyed the show of “Irish Voices”.

Maynooth  University

Maynooth  University, founded in 1795, is one of the oldest national universities in  Ireland. More than 9000 students from over 20 countries study in the university,  which locates about 35 minutes away from Dublin, the capital of Ireland.The  university is equipped with research center of national level, making Maynooth  scientific research of world class in various fields. It is regarded as the most  successful university in industrialization of scientific research.

Maynooth  University Chamber Choir

The  choir is composed of 36 members from various departments of Maynooth University.  They won the top prize of Pavarotti trophy in the Llangollen music festival held  in Wales in July, 2015. Moreover, two gold awards were gained in the world  chorus contest in Malaga, and they launched their first album “Lorica” last  fall. They began their world tour in March, 2016, and they will perform in New  York, Boston, Tucson and Denver, and in three Chinese cities including Shanghai,  Changzhou and Guangzhou.