Second International Culture Festival Held

   Release time: 2017-01-16    Access times: 55

On  December 11th, the second International Culture Festival of Changzhou University  was held in Shuiyue Square. Students  from 12 countries prepared the Festival and had photos with President Pu  Yuzhong.

The  international students made posters introducing their countries and local  culture. Dressed in their traditional costumes, they danced to the rhythm of  their folk music, and happily shared typical homemade snacks and drinks of their  hometown. Colombian condensed milk, Vietnam Spring rolls, Mauritius cookies and  Thai food were extremely popular among Chinese students. The international  fashion show by foreign students aroused loud applauses from the audience.  Chinese students also joined them in the performance. In the end, foreign  students sang a Chinese song ‘I'm sorry, my Chinese is not good’ together to  express their love of Chinese.

With  the University’s internationalization, a substantial growth in the international  students’ population has been noted. In 2015, a total of more than 200 students  coming from over 30 countries participated in short and long exchange programs  as well as degree programs, which  have risen 83 percent compared with last  year.