CZU Ranking No. 58 among Chinese Universities by Nature Index

   Release time: 2017-10-09    Access times: 89

According to the global Nature Index Ranking released by the Nature Publishing Group recently, Changzhou University (CZU) was ranked No.8 among the universities inside its province, No.58 among universities in China's mainland, and No. 411 among global universities. Compared to the ranking in August, CZU moved up 3 places among Chinese universities. The ordering was done by Weighted Fractional Count (WFC).

During the period of May, 2016 to April, 2017, CZU contributed 27 high-quality papers to the top journals in the world, and the research areas cover chemistry, physics and life sciences. The WFC of chemistry is 16.63, which account for 92.65% of the total WFC of Changzhou University.