CZU Ranked Among Top 100 Most Innovative Chinese Universities

   Release time: 2018-05-01    Access times: 13

Recently, the Standard Ranking Research Institute and Ucommune jointly released China's top 100 most innovative universities. A total of 17 universities in Jiangsu province are among the top 100, and Changzhou University (CZU) ranks ninety-fifth.

The ranking aims to select universities which promote technological progress, innovation and development, and boost China's economic transformation and industrial upgrading. Based on the evaluation system of the Reuters and the situations of Chinese universities, the original data of various authoritative institutions are used to reflect the innovation ability of the University from four aspects: scientific research, innovation potential, academic level and academic platforms. These original data include the total amount of scientific research funds, the number of national science and technology awards, the number of patent awards, the number of word top 1% disciplines, the number of top 1% international journals, the natural index, the number of high-level professors, the number of key disciplines and the number of national innovation and entrepreneurship training programs.