Photos of Mexican Culture Exhibited at CZU

   Release time: 2018-04-28    Access times: 14

On April 25th, the photo exhibition of Mexican Charm was launched with joint efforts of Mexican Consulate General in Shanghai and Changzhou University (CZU). Ms. Tania Hernández, Mexican consul of culture and education, Prof. Dai Guohong, CZU Vice President and Mr. Shen Lian, Deputy Director of Changzhou Foreign Affairs Office witnessed the opening.

Vice President Dai highly appreciated this exhibition held on the occasion of 40th Anniversary of Changzhou University and hoped all teachers and students would gain a better understanding of Mexican culture. He believed that this kind cultural event will tie the relationship between China and Mexico closer.

Ms. Tania Hernández said that the photos exhibit the beauty and mystery of Mexican culture with Mayan ruins, Cancun scenery, Mexican food, and Tequila and etc, fully showcasing the unique and multicultural aspects of Mexican civilization. She believed the exhibition would be a good way to bridge the distance between China and Mexico.

After the opening ceremony, Consul Tania Hernández delivered a lecture about Mexican culture to about 100 teachers and students.