Foreign Guests Reception for CZU 40th Anniversary Held

   Release time: 2018-05-12    Access times: 13

In the afternoon of May 11th, Prof. Chen Qun, President of Changzhou University, hosted a reception for all the foreign guests who were invited to for the 40th anniversary of CZU. Foreign guests including Mr. Larrea, ambassador of Ecuador Embassy in China, Mrs. Rodriguez, ambassador of Costa Rica Embassy in China, Mrs. Mercedes, counsel of Venezuela Embassy in China, Mrs. Ranoppun, consul general of Thailand Consulate General in Shanghai, Mr. Néstor, Consulate General of Cuba Consulate General in Shanghai, Mr. Kamiel, academician of Canadian Academy of Engineering, Mr. Igor, vice president of Ufa State Aviation Technical University and others took part in the reception. Vice president Dai Guohong and other directors also met those guests in the reception.

Chen Qun warmly welcomed the foreign guests and expressed his gratitude to all the foreign partners. CZU has set up relationships with more than 50 universities in more than 20 countries, and its internationalization could not develop without the supports from cooperative embassies and universities. CZU would keep on developing internationalization and further promote its opening and innovative education.