Notice of Major Program Changing

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Ι.  Applicants and Major Programs

All 2018 undergraduate international students (excluding 3+2 junior college students) can apply for changing their majors in the following Schools and Majors. There is only one chance of application and each student can only choose one option.

Number and Criteria of Acceptance for Major Changing



Number of Acceptance

Requirements for Application

Assessment Time and Place

Assessment Methods

School of Petrochemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering & Technology (English)


  1. Passing all the courses required in the first term.

  1. Feb, 25th 14:00 p.m.

  2. Meeting Room 415 in Chemical Building

Interview and GPA of the first term.

School of Mechanical Engineering

Rail Traffic Signal and Control (Chinese)


  1. GPA ranks top 30 percent in the class.

  2. Science and engineering students in high school.

  1. Between 25th Feb and 28th Feb

  2. Place to be informed.

Interview and GPA of the first term.

School of Petroleum Engineering

Petroleum Engineering



  1. Students shall meet requirements of CZU concerning changing majors for international students;

  2. abiding by rules and have no record of punishment from the university;

  3. passing all the exams in the 1st semester;

  4. IELTS 5 for English program or HSK 3 for Chinese program.

  5. Students who have got prize and awards after admission will be given priority.

  1. 24th February 9:30 a.m.

  2. Petroleum Building, Room 651

Examine comprehensive quality and specialty of students, as well as the adaptability of students for new major. Others qualities to be considered are: academic achievement and actual performance of each semester before major transfer; Students' understanding of the target major; language proficiency; academic plan; speech and behavior, etc.

Petroleum Engineering



School of Environmental & Safety Engineering

Civil Engineering



  1. Being interested in new major.

  2. Never violating school disciplines or receiving punishment.

  3. GPA ranks the top 50 percent of the major.

  1. Between 25th Feb and 28th Feb.

  2. Place for interview to be determined.

Interview, examining students’ comprehensive quality and specialty, adaptability of students for new major, Chinese level, academic plan; speech and behavior, etc.

School of Information Science & Engineering

Computer Science and Technology (English)


  1. GPA ranks the top 30 percent.

  2. Science and engineering students in high school.

  1. Between 25th Feb and 28th Feb

  2. Place for interview to be determined.

Interview and GPA of the first term.

Electronic Information Engineering (Chinese)


School of Business

International Economics & Trade  (Chinese)


  1. Never violating school regulations or receiving punishment.

  2. In principle, students cannot fail any courses in previous semester.

  3. With a grade point average of 3.4 or above and priority will be given to those whose grade ranks top in the class.

  1. Feb. 24 14:00

  2. Third Floor Meeting Room, Building 6, Boyaju, Xitaihu Campus


International Economics & Trade  (English)


II.  Application Process and Timetable

1. From Jan. 14 to Feb. 22, 2019

Students submit their application for changing major. Please download the application form from the University's English homepage:, and send the electronic form to subject name and file name of the email should be: Current Major + New Major + Name + Passport Number. For example: chem+comp+John+G123456.

Please hand in the printed application to International Students Office of 501 before the deadline.

2. From Feb. 25 to Feb. 28, 2019

All applicants will be tested and interviewed by the Schools, and the results are subject to approval by the University. This work is expected to be completed by Mar. 11.


1. Each student only has one chance to apply for changing major, which includes changing into a major and the change between the same major taught in different languages.

2. Students shall submit application for changing major according to their real situation and on the basis of full understanding of the basic conditions of each major. Once accepted by the new major, students cannot transfer back to their original majors. Before the application has been approved by Changzhou University, students should attend classes and participate in activities in accordance with requirements of their original schools. Students are not allowed to take part in any activity as a transferred student before the procedure is done.

3. Students should meet all the requirements of their new major before they can graduate. They must make up for all the courses required by the new major, and the course fees shall be paid according to credits of these courses.

4. If the new major that a student has transferred into requires supplementary payment of tuition fees, the student shall pay the fees as required.