Changzhou Institute for Local Legislation Established at CZU

   Release time: 2019-07-30    Access times: 10

On 30th of July, Changzhou Institute for Local Legislation was set up in Changzhou University (CZU) with the joint efforts of the Standing Committee of Changzhou Municipal People’s Congress. Mr. Wang Quan, Chairman of the Standing Committee, Prof. Chen Qun, Party Secretary of CZU, Prof. Jiang Juncheng, President of CZU, and representatives of related departments of Changzhou City and Changzhou University attended the ceremony.


The Standing Committee and Changzhou University signed a cooperation agreement on the establishment of the Changzhou Institute for Local Legislation. The two sides agreed that the Institute will focus on theoretical research of local legislation, commissioned drafting of local legislative issues, third-party evaluation of the quality of local legislation, review of regulative documents, etc. The two sides will provide support in terms of mechanism, personnel, funds and facilities.


Based on the strength of Shiliang Law School of Changzhou University, Changzhou Institute for Local Legislation will further promote the cooperation of CZU and the City, improve the quality of legal personnel training, strengthen the mechanism of legislative evaluation, and effectively improve the theoretical research and legislative quality of local legislation of Changzhou City.