Students Shot Documentaries for Remote Village in China’s West

   Release time: 2019-09-01    Access times: 10

In July, 10 student representatives from Changzhou University visited Nanmeng Village in Guizhou Province, a poverty-stricken area, to help local farmer alleviate poverty by the use of new media technology. The team shot a tea promotional film for the village, and will continuously promote the local products on social media.

Yang Liuqing, a sophomore student, told reporters that Nanmeng Village itself has a lot of characteristics - in terms of economic development, it grows high quality white tea; in terms of cultural wealth, it boasts Lusheng dance. But they lack packaging and publicity. No exquisite pictures, no videos, and their influence on the social network is weak. Therefore, the purpose of our trip is to assist the local villagers in the design of Nanmeng village. We will shoot videos for social media promotion; at the same time, we’ll excavate local stories, produce documentaries to publicize Nanmeng village.”

A week's investigation is just the beginning. The team of students will follow up and promote poverty-alleviation documentaries on new media platforms such as micro-blog, douyin and wechat, hoping to speed up the economy of Nanmeng Village through the power of new media technology.