Chinese sitcom competition held by Confucius Institute of Venezuela

   Release time: 2019-10-07    Access times: 10

On October 5, the Chinese sitcom competition organized by the Venezuelan Confucius Institute was held in the auditorium at Bolivarian University. The Vice President of Bolivar University and leaders of the10th Bureau China Railway attended the event.


There are ten groups of Venezuelan contestants in the final competition. They adapted Chinese folklores and classic films, and put on short plays in Chinese to show their affection for Chinese culture. Some did a modern version of Mulan to promote equality between men and women, some tried the legend of white snake, a traditional Chinese story, some used Journey to the West” to pay homage to Chinese classic films, and some contestants presented hand-painted maps.


Ms. Shen Jufen, Chinese Director of Confucius Institute at Bolivarian University, made a concluding speech. The Chinese sitcoms are a present to the 70th anniversary of the founding of new China by Venezuelans. The Confucius Institute at Bolivarian University has become an important venue for Venezuelans to study Chinese and to learn more about Chinese culture. This competition is one of the activities to promote Chinese culture and friendship between peoples in the two countries.