CZU Holds First Dragon Dance Game Successfully

   发布时间: 2021-05-10    访问次数: 345

On May 9th, the first Student Dragon Dance Game was held in Changzhou University in order to further promote Chinese traditional culture and enhance students' confidence of Chiense culture. 

The game atrracted 363 students of 29 teams from 19 colleges in 4 groups. CZU men’s dragon dance team won the golden prize for professional group; three teams from School of Materials Science& Engineering, School of Mechanical Engineering& Rail Transit and School of Petrochemical Engineering won the men’s golden prizes; three teams from School of Foreign Studies, Zhou Youguang School of Chinese Language and Literature, and Shiliang School of Law won the women’s golden prizes, three teams from Qu Qiubai School of Government, School of Petroleum Engineering and School of Mechanical Engineering& Trail Transit won the golden prizes for the mixed group. 

Dragon dance, which mixes martial arts, dance and art creation, is a traditional Chinese sport bearing Chinese culture and national spirits.