Prof. Jiang Juncheng: Establishment and Application of Essential Safety Key Technology System for Typical Hazardous Chemical Process

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The project of establishment and application of essential safety key technology system for typical hazardous chemical process accomplished by Prof. Jiang Juncheng's research team from the School of Environmental and Safety Engineering won the first prize of Science and Technology Progress Award. Based on the principles of the green chemical, the research team takes the essential safety assessment of reaction system as the core and the essential safety design of reaction process as the goal.

For nitrification, chloride and other typical dangerous chemical process, the research team created essential safety key technology system for typical hazardous chemical process engineering from three aspects of material, reaction and process, and had put it into engineering application. The law and mechanism of chemical structural hazard were revealed. The hazard characteristics prediction model and the inherent risk assessment technology were established. The critical criteria of batch and semi-batch reaction thermal runaway were established to reveal the influencing factors and laws of the inhibition for reaction thermal runaway. The dynamic risk quantification of the chemical process and the comprehensive risk assessment technology of the essential safety were proposed. The essential safety design technology of the chemical process was established based on the principles of substitution and reinforcement. The essential safety key technology system for the dangerous chemical process was constructed. Those achievements can effectively reduce the inherent risks, and the occurrence of chemical accidents from the source. The major demand of the industry for the risk prevention and control of the major accidents in the chemical process has been solved.

The achievements have been applied in the essential safety assessment and the design optimization of 10 dangerous chemical processes, such as oxidation and nitrification, in more than 230 chemical plants nationwide. The essential safety degree of the chemical process has been improved, and the accidents have been effectively prevented. The direct economic benefit of more than 150 million yuan has been created.