Prof. Peng Mingguo: High-quality Separation and High-efficiency Biological Treatment Key Technology and Application for Kitchen Waste

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The project “high-quality separation and high-efficiency biological treatment key technology and application for kitchen waste” developed a reinforced separation method and a biological treatment technology for the treatment of kitchen waste with high efficiency. The solid-liquid separation technology with continuous pressure was developed by designing of the alterable inner diameter of spiral and wedge-shape filter screen, which overcome the bottleneck in low solid-liquid separation ratio for kitchen waste. The improving mechanism of grease emulsification on three phase interface with the help of microwave and hydrothermal was revealed, and a new separation technology for grease enforced by microwave and hydrothermal was developed, which improved the recovery efficiency of grease.

The dissociation mechanism of macormolecule organics improved by hydrothermal was explored, a novel high-efficiency degration of solid residues by hydrolysis was developed. The iron-carbon conductor materials was firstly used for enhancing the mass transfer rate of electronic between intertrophic microorganism, a new high-efficiency push flow anaerobic reactor was designed, which solved the problem in low methane production rate from high concentration kitchen waste organic solution. A series of technological equipment developed in this project, such as high-efficiency solid-liquid separation with two-stage of fine selecting and high-efficiency push flow anaerobic reactor, can deal with kitchen waste with different compounds from different regions. Approximate 43 of kitchen waste treatment factories were built across whole country, which could disposal of kitchen waste in 3 millions tons/year. 27 of patents are authorized and 15 research papers are published during the development process. The sales from technology and equipment developed in this project in recent 5 years are over 1.5 billion RMB.