Campus Stores 

  There are several grocery stores on campus, both cash and student card can be used for payment. You can find most items for daily use, ready-made food and fruits. But for vegetables and imported goods, you should head for off-campus bigger supermarkets, 10minutes away by public buses. 

Stores behind canteen #1:


  Book store

  Gift shop

  Electronics repair store

  China Telecom & Unicom

  China Mobile shop

Shopping malls nearby附近商场

 Downtown Nandajie  南大街 (1hr by B11.)

 Injoy Plaza  吾悦广场  (by B11)

 Wanda Plaza  万达广场  (by Bus No. 302)

 Tesco supermarket  乐购超市  (by Bus No. 302)

 RT Market  大润发超市  (by Bus No. 302)

 Decathlon Store  迪卡侬  (by B1)  sports supplies, large size sportswear, bikes etc...

 Luqiao Flea Market  路桥 clothes, shoes, bags anything.  (by Bus 302 to小营前路桥市场)

Online shopping

  You can find ANYTHING...from your country's local brands to electronic stuff to clothes, food, hotel bookings...on Type in English or   Chinese and navigate through. Ask a buddy to help you pay if you have no online banking.