There are 7 major festivals each year in China, during which all Chinese people will be on holiday, but it is usually an elongation of the weekend and you have to make up for the days off during the week before or after the holiday. Because many Chinese celebrations are based on the lunar calendar, the exact date differs each year and will be announced. You can check it online or ask the International Office for the latest academic calendar.

New Year's DayThe first day of the new yearJanuary 1st3 days
Spring festival

The most important festival and family reunion in

 China, it marks the start of the Chinese new year

Early February7 days
Qing Ming FestivalTomb sweeping Day to remember the deadAround April 4th-6th3 days
Labor DayTo show respect to workersMay 1st3 days
Dragon Boat Festival

To commemorate Qu Yuan the poet by eating rice

 dumplings and racing dragon boats

Early June3 days
Mid-autumn Day

The round moon and moon cakes representing family


September3 days
National DayTo celebrate the countryOctober 1st7 days