Changzhou University

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The program is designed to arouse the interest of international students in Chinese culture and to enrich their cultural experiences, and is composed of Chinese Language and Culture courses and field trips.


For Chinese Language, we will give priority to the training of communication ability in Chinese. The lectures will focus on Pinyin, Chinese character, and functional spoken Chinese.


For Chinese Culture, we will introduce the aspects of Chinese food, traditional festivals, Chinese digital culture, Chinese history, Beijing Opera, etc. We will teach Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting and Chinese kungfu. In addition, international students will have a lot of opportunities of meeting with Chinese students and hold Chinese featured events together.


For Field Trips, we will arrange students to visit factories, companies, museums, and historical places in Changzhou and nearby cities. We can also help to arrange trips to Beijing, the capital city, and Shanghai, the financial center. Students will have a lot of time to practice their communication skills and to feel Chinese culture on the spot.


NOTE: The student fee is subject to changes and we also offer other short-term programs, everything can be tailor-made.